MMS Skype for Business Training


Provides business focused functionality including:

–Instant messaging and peer-to-peer audio and video calling

–Online meetings, screen sharing and recording

–Dial-in toll and toll-free information (Not all countries have toll-free numbers)

Note: Skype for Business account login credentials are specific to MMS and do not work with personal Skype, these are 2 separate apps.


  • MMS India

–All colleagues provided chat capabilities

–Managers, Team Leads, and Project Managers provided on-line meeting and audio/video capabilities including toll numbers (others colleagues provided access per business need)

  • MMS US, EU and ROW

All colleagues provided chat, on-line meeting and audio/video capabilities including toll numbers

  • Other

Toll-free number services provided to colleagues per business need


Presence status is a quick way for other people to see whether or not you’re free to chat. The presence settings can be changed. Location can also be edited by clicking on “Set Your Location.”

Note: Avoid contacting colleagues with Busy or Do Not Disturb status.


Find Someone

Connect with others who have a Skype account.

1.Type a name in the Search box.

As soon as you do, the tabs below the Search field change

From this:


To this:


2.If the person is in your organization, contact details will appear in the MY CONTACTS tab.

Add a Contact

Once you find a person, add them to your Contacts list for quick access.

  1. Right-click the name in the search results
  2. Click Add to Favorites or Add to Contact List
  3. If adding to Contacts List, select a group from the available options

Create a Group

Set up a group for each team you work with to quickly view availability or communicate with the entire team at once.

  1. Click the Add a Contact button
  2. Select Create a New Group

    3. Begin typing your new group name


View Contact Options and Card

  1. Tap a contact
  2. The following actions can be initiated from this screen:
  • Send an IM
  • Call
  • Video call
  • View contact card


Send an Instant Message

  1. In your Contacts list, point to the photo area of the contact you want to IM.
  2. Click the IM button.
  3. Type your message and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

    4. Need to add someone to the IM? From the main Skype for Business window, drag a contact onto the IM window.

    5. Add audio, video and share files in an IM conversation

    6. Switch between conversations: If you have several conversations or meetings going on at the same time, Skype for Business displays them all in one place, so you can toggle between them. Click a tab on the left to view an IM conversation.


Find a Previous IM Conversation

If you use Outlook and Exchange, Skype for Business automatically saves your IM conversation history. To view or continue a previous IM conversation or see an IM request you missed:

  1. Click the Conversations tab.
  2. Click the All or Missed tab. If you don’t see the conversation you’re looking for, click View More in Outlook at the bottom of the list.
  3. Double-click the conversation that you want to open.


Audio Set-up and Making Calls

Step by Step Guide

  1. Click options


    2. Click Tools > Audio Device


    3. Pick your device  

  • Integrated mic


  • Logitech mic


Make a call

  1. Hover on a contact’s photo area until the quick menu appears
  2. Click the Phone button

Answer a call

When someone calls you, an alert pops up in the lower-right of your screen.

To answer the call, click anywhere on the photo area.

To reject the call, click Ignore.

To start an instant messaging (IM) conversation with the caller instead of an audio call, click Options, and then Reply by IM.

To reject the call and other calls, until you change your status click Options, and then Set to Do not Disturb.

 Schedule a Skype for Business Meeting

Note: This is an Outlook task.

  1. Open your Outlook Calendar, click the Home tab, and click New Skype Meeting.

  1. Complete the meeting request just like you normally would.

Sharing Desktop or Programs

  1. In the meeting window, click the Present button.
  2. Click Present Desktop to show the entire contents of your desktop, or click Present Programs and double-click the program you want to share.

Manage Meeting Participants

Click the Participants button to open the Participants pane so you can see a list of everyone in the meeting. Click the Participant Actions button. Click one or multiple buttons to apply these settings to all attendees.

Give control to others…

  1. Click Give Control.
  2. Pick a particular person or click Give Control Automatically to automatically give access to anyone who asks for control of your desktop.

…and, take back control

  1. Click Give Control again.
  2. If Give Control Automatically is selected, click it to clear it. Or to take back control from a person, click Take Back Control.

Instructions for External Users

  • If external user already has Skype for Business, meeting requests follow usual instructions

  • If no Skype for Business, external user will be directed to install a plug-in after clicking on:

  • External user will click Run to download plug-in and receive a prompt to Join Meeting Audio. Audio default is “Using my computer”

  • Upon entering the meeting, user is automatically muted. If dialing in with a phone, user should remain muted. If using computer, user should immediately unmute microphone.

  • User is prompted to install plug-in.
  • Admin credentials are not required to install plug-in; however, security software may need to be reset to include this application
  • To give presenter control to an external user, right click on picture and select Make Presenter

MMS Best Practices

  • Photo upload options are not available at this time; photos will be managed centrally after rollout through HR and IT
  • Avoid contacting colleagues with Busy or Do Not Disturb status; they may be presenting their desktops in client meetings
  • Users can use their discretion to turn on the web cam; we recommend using the video if the participants in the meeting have not met each other yet
  • Skype can be used for external meetings also as long as the clients or any external participants don’t have a need to use a toll free number to dial in to the conference or meeting. When there is a specific need for use of toll free number for which Skype has no toll free number, GTM will be used for hosting such meetings.
  • Cannot connect with general Skype account users/password (must be Skype Business account)
  • Cannot be used for sending IMs (Instant Messages / Chats) to any external clients unless authorized / approved by the SLT
  • Employees in cubicles are requested to use headsets (Request to IT)
  • Preferred to use inbuilt microphone or headset provided
  • In an MMS conference room, it is recommended to use the Polycom for sound vs. your computer



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