SL. No. Issue Resolution
1 I can't access PWA - it says I do not have the appropriate permissions Make sure to use this link: and if prompted selever "work or school account" while using your regular MMS login and password
2 Tasks are missing from my assignments - all of my assigned tasks for a given projects aren't showing up The tasks are defaulted to be assigned by planning window, so change your default grouping to be by project to see all assigned tasks by project
3 Projects that I'm not assigned to are showing up under "My Projects", but I don't have any tasks assigned You're listed as a team member for this project even though you don't have any assigned tasks. There are a number of potential reasons for why this has happened, but most likely it was a mistake. Please reach out to your PM to confirm the assignment and have this updated
4 I can't find my project Check both "My Projects" and "All Projects" views in Project Center, and clear out any filters.   Inform your PM if it displays in only one, or neither.
5 I have access to everything but my tasks page isn't loading You're assigned to a corrupted timeline. Please reach out to your PM so they can fix the timeline accordingly
6 Can PWA integrate with my Outlook tasks? This functionality is no longer supported by Microsoft, but will be replaced in a future release. We will assess this when it's available.
7 Can PWA trigger email notifications? Yes, but requires custom configuration. We're assess this for the future based on need and feedback from users.
8 Where's the ribbon? Click anywhere within the table on the screen (avoiding hyperlinks), and the ribbon will appear.
9 How do I hide and unhide columns? "Hide Column" is the first option when you click the drop-down arrow in the column header. To show the column again, click the drop down and select Configure Columns. Then reselect the hidden column.
10 The sidebar on the left disappeared Click the Focus on Content button in the upper right.
11 How do I print a timeline from the Web App (or save a PDF)? From the timeline page, select the Print for Client view. Then on the toolbar, select Options and Print. This will open the timeline in a new tab (make sure your browser is not blocking this). You can change the destination to Save as PDF if desired.
12 How do I create a custom filter? On any screen with a table (Project Center or Resource Center, for example), you can create your own filter to see only pertinent information. From the toolbar, select Filter and Custom Filter. Select the field to filter on from the drop-down, and the appropriate test value*. Enter your free-text value and click OK. You can string together multiple conditions using the And/Or box. *Note: The “contains” test item does not search for a text string (i.e. you can’t enter “Regi” to find Regina).   This is actually for fields that allow multiple options. For example, you would use "contains" to find Medical Writing projects using Project Department.


This is also available in MDOC under the following link:

Microsoft PWA FAQ List.xlsx

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