Video Conferencing Camera Instructions

Should your laptop not have a Web Cam build in your computer should automatically switch to the camera once connected through USB. If it does not follow instructions below: 

  1. Before launching the meeting software (Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.) Connect the video conferencing camera into your computer’s available USB.
  2. In your PC settings under Devices, and connected devices, you should now see the video conferencing camera appear.

   3.  Once the computer has recognized the camera you can now launch the meeting software (Skype, GoToMeeting, Etc.).

  1. Skype Users:

    Once connected to Skype, select the settings gear on the top right side:

Select Video Options on the left side of settings, then from the video device drop down select the Video Conference camera you would like to connect to.

Once the camera is selected, you should now be able to see it activate on your screen.

You can close the Skype Settings and start your meeting.


Go To Meeting:

Right click over the Go To Meeting Icon on your taskbar and select preferences:

Select Webcam option on left side of settings, and select the camera you would like to connect to from the drop down.

Once the camera has come up and activated you can now close out of settings and start your meeting.


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