Skype for Business Quick Start Guide – Skype Ready for External Users

Accessing Skype for Business the first time

Click Try Skype Web App link to join the meeting


Skype Meetings App Plugin Installation
  1. Upon clicking Try Skype Web App, the web browser opens asking you to download the plugin and join the meeting
  2. Select Download and install the Skype Meetings App Plug-in and go through the installation process


Joining the Meeting

       1. Once installation is completed, click Join the meeting


         2.The Skype Plug-in will now ask for your Name


 Meeting View  

Upon entering your Name and clicking Join you should be in the meeting


Audio by Computer

If your computer audio and mic is compatible with Skype, it will automatically join you to audio through the computer as shown below:


Audio by Phone
  1. In case you have any issues with audio over computer, you can always mute your mic and join the conference through phone
  2. Select Change connection by selecting the … menu at the bottom right of the screen


          3. After clicking connect, another popup window with dial in details should appear as shown below, you can close the popup after dial in

          4. Please make sure you have muted the mic in the meeting screen when you are dialed in through the phone, or it may cause an echo



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