Skype for Business FAQ Card

How do I help external users who are having difficulty joining a meeting?

How do I join an audio session by phone?

  •  To join audio session directly from meeting invitation, dial toll number listed under “Join by phone” (or “Find a local number” for international users)


  • Click “Join Skype meeting” and select “Don’t join audio”


How do I switch audio method?

  •  To switch to phone audio after joining a call through computer audio, mute mic


  • Click “More Options” in bottom right corner, and select “Meeting Entry Info”


  • Obtain toll number (or “Find a local number” for international users). Dial number and enter Conference ID.


 How do I rejoin a call?
  •  To hang up and rejoin call by phone, click the telephone icon to “Hang Up”


  • A “Conversation” window will open. Click “Rejoin” to display options for calling a work, mobile, or other phone number.


What is an audio PIN?
  • Meeting organizers must enter PIN on the telephone to start a meeting when first user to join and joining by phone. However, if any MMS user joins meeting first through Skype desktop application, PIN is no longer needed and any users on the phone will be joined to the conference.


  • If e-mail with PIN was not received, submit an IT ticket.
What are meeting options and when do I use them?
  • When scheduling a “New Skype Meeting” in Outlook


  • Click “Meeting Options” button in Outlook


  • Edit Permissions to specify which users may enter the meeting ahead of organizer, choose presenters, or limit participation.


Note: "People I choose" and "Choose Presenters" options do not work.

  • Organizer may also edit these settings while on the call by clicking “More Options” in the bottom right corner of the screen and selecting “Skype Meeting Options.”


How do I select a microphone?
  • Option 1: From Speaker/Headphones icon in the System Tray on the bottom of the screen


           Right click and select “Recording devices” to view microphone options.


           Current microphone is indicated by a green checkmark.


           Microphone setting automatically adjusts when headset is plugged into computer.

  • Option 2: From “Skype for Business Basic” window (personal user window, not meeting window) select “Tools” and “Audio Device Settings.”


          Available microphones will be displayed under dropdown menu for Microphone. If microphone is not available, it will not be an option. Setting automatically changes to “Other Device” when headset is plugged into computer.


  • Option 3: From meeting window, click “Call Controls” button, then “Devices”


           Microphones will be displayed under “Switch your device.” Select from available options.


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