Instructions for Reserving and Using GoToMeeting General Accounts

  1. To reserve a GoToMeeting (GTM) account via a meeting request from Outlook, complete the followings steps:
    1. Create a new Outlook meeting request.
    2. Under Scheduling Assistant>Add Attendees, search under the Global Address list for below account and add to the "To" field based on availability:
      • GoToMeeting Account 1
    3. Select the time when you want to reserve the GTM account, add a subject line and send the meeting request.
  2. Upon receiving the accepted meeting request notice, go to the link below to obtain the GTM login credentials for the GTM account you have reserved in Steps 1a-c.
    1. GTM Training Slides including GTM login credentials (Slide 4)
    2. Login to GTM (, and sign in using the credentials for the GTM meeting account you reserved (sign in top right corner of Home Page) to schedule your GTM. Note:  you may need to sign-out of credentials previously used. Use only the credentials that align with the account you reserved.
    3. Select “Schedule a Meeting”. Enter meeting date and time, select “Save”.
    4. Select/copy the meeting details, example shown below:
  3. Proceed to schedule your meeting in Outlook using the GTM information you obtained in Step 2d.
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