Clearing Cache in Project

Please do not clear the local cache when you have a project in an "offline" state. While working with a project offline, you will lose any changes to project if you do not first connect to Project Server and save the changes to the server.

To remove project from Local Cache, please do the following steps:

  • Launch Project Professional 
  • File menu -> Options -> Save -> Cache

System will display the Clean Up Cache dialog box with following filters.

  • Projects not checked out to you
  • Projects checked out to you

Projects checked out to you option:

  • Select the "Projects checked out by you" filter from dropdown
  • Highlight the project and click on "Remove from Cache" 
  • System prompts the following warning message to get the confirmation from you regarding whether you saved the project that checked out by you

If you are absolutely sure that you already saved the changes already, click "Yes" to delete the project from cache.

If you are not sure about the latest changes whether you saved, in that case please click "No" button and close the Clean Up Cache dialog box and return to MS Project Pro to save the change.

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