DocuWare Instructions

Navigate to the following website: 

In order to access DouWare, please following the below instructions:

Select “Forgot your password”

Enter your Username which is your First initial last name.


Example “Jan Noelke”: jnoelke

Organization: MMS Holdings Inc.

***If you receive an error message – Contact IT***

You will then receive an email with instructions from DocuWare to reset your password. 

**Please note that the DocuWare password is not connected to your MMS password, the DocuWare password does not need to be updated**

Once your password is reset, navigate back to the website and sign in:

Once you have completed the above steps and are able to access DocuWare, a survey may appear for you to complete (this is random and am not sure who will receive the survey).

A tutorial may pop-up for you to view, this tutorial is not intended for the approval users, please close.

Once the Tutorial has been closed, you can view your tasks in Tasks Tab. This will show how many tasks (open invoices pending your approval) need to be completed:

Click on Tasks Tab to view your tasks and the current status of each task. You can also click on Status to sort.

Double click on a task to view. On the right, DocuWare has stamped the invoice showing who the invoice was routed from and the approver chosen. 

In the example below, the invoice was routed from jnoelke and the approver is Accountant. In most instances, the task will be to choose ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’ for the invoice shown. On the left, you will need to determine the action to take for the invoice.

If ‘Rejected’ is chosen, a ‘Rejection Reason’ box will appear to input the reason for rejecting the invoice.

Once you have completed your approval or rejection, the ‘Confirm’ box will be active to select. Once Confirm is selected, the task will then be routed to the appropriate user.

The task will no longer appear in your Task list and the next user will see an additional DocuWare stamp for the approval/rejection of the invoice with the approver’s name and the date of approval/rejection.


You can also forward the invoice by using the envelope in Tools. If the Tools are not displayed, click on the arrow, circled in red below, so it is pointing up, to display Tools. Use the envelope icon to send the document to someone.

Vendor-Approver Info link:


Expectation for reviews: Time allocated = 3 days to reject or approve.

If you need access to invoices that were previously approved/rejected in DocuWare, please contact Accounting.

After the initial sign-in, if you have a task to complete, you will receive an email notification from DocuWare that a task has been assigned to you. Click on the link in the email to navigate to the DocuWare sign-in. After signing in, you can view your tasks as stated in the above instructions.


Docuware link:

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