What should i do when i get "Page cannot be displayed error" or Barracuda blocked?

If you experience  a ‘Page cannot be displayed’ error for a business related site you need to access (e.g. Go to Meeting), please complete the following steps:


  1. Ensure you are logged into Barracuda
  2. Click on following link: (bookmark this link)
  3. Look for “Logged in as your user name” in the upper right hand-corner
  4. If you don’t see your user name, log-in.
  5. Now access the blocked website.


Note: This is applicable when you are connected to MMS network (Either in the Canton office or remotely through the VPN).

Barracuda - Background

  • Barracuda provides network security against spam and virus intrusions.
  • Certain rules have been applied on how Barracuda filters network traffic.
  • MMS has also added trusted and well-known sites to our “White List” of accepted sites.
  • Sometimes filtering does not operate as expected and an override is needed.
  • An override allows the user to log-in to Barracuda and override a blocked site that meets filtering rules.

Barracuda – Log-in Steps

If you experience Barracuda for a site you need to access (e.g. GotoMeeting.com), complete the following steps:

1.Ensure you are logged into Barracuda by clicking on the following link: (bookmark this link)

2.If you are already logged in correctly, you will see the screen as shown below:

3.If you don’t see your user name, type your network user name and password.

4.Select “Login”

5.Now log-in to the website you were attempting to access.

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