Dual Monitor_Instructions

Dual Monitor Instructions

  1. Right click on an open area of your desktop
  2. Select Personalize from the menu

   3. Select Display from the left side panel

  4. Select Change display settings from the left side panel


   5.  For Multiple displays…select Extend these displays

6.  You can drag and drop Screen 1 and Screen 2, in order for the view on the screen to match the orientation of your laptop and monitor on your desk.

    • Note: The default setting will be that your laptop is your primary screen. To change this, refer to Step 10 below.

7. Select Apply

8. Select a display (one at a time)

    • select an appropriate resolution for each screen
    • select an orientation for each screen

 9. Select Apply

To set your monitor as your primary screen, change your display to the 2nd option (everyone’s monitor will be called something different) and click ‘Make this my main display’.


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