Globalsign Process

  1. An e-mail is received from

  1. After clicking on the link in the e-mail, the 1st screen below appears. Click the “I APPROVE” button, and the 2nd screen below appears.

  1. A few minutes later the e-mail below is received. Click on the 1st hyperlink.

  1. Click this link for the next steps:

  2. Click this link for the next steps on how to export the public key and save to the H drive:

  3. Another e-mail will be received with the subject line “XXXXXXX: Per
    sonalSign 1 Certificate for has been issued.” This confirms the account details and is for reference. 

  4. WebTrader accounts must now be initiated for all clients with separate e-mails sent for each. To do this, click on the following link, which lists all the steps for setting up WebTrader accounts:

  5. Step 1 involves sending an e-mail to with the following subject line and text and attaching Non-Repudiation Letter and Authorization form.

Subject: WebTrader Test Account MMS Holdings Inc. for insert client name.

Dear ESG Team,

I would like to request a client-specific WebTrader Test account for myself for the company “insert client name .”  All the necessary information is outlined below:

  • MMS Holdings Inc. for insert client name . – your initials (eg, MAP for Mary Anne Potok)
  • Your name (eg, Mary Anne Potok)
  • Phone Number:  734-xxx-xxxx (your phone number)
  • Email:
  • Submission Method:  WebTrader   

The non-repudiation letter and letter of authorization for the above mentioned company have been previously submitted and are also attached with this email for your reference.

Please email me if you need additional information.


  1. Attach Non Repudiation and Authorization PDF’s for the client. These are located on SharePoint under client folders. Please consult Project Lead for exact location of the correct documents.

  2. A response from “ESG Help Desk” will be received, providing further instructions and links. Click the Online Registration link and enter User ID and Password provided in the e-mail.

  1. Click Next on the screen below.

  1. Retain the default community “FDATST” and click Next.

  1. Enter Company name, which will be the same as entered in Step 8 (ie, MMS Holdings Inc. for client name-your initials)

  1. Browse to the certificate file previously saved to the H drive in Step 5.

  1. On the next screen, the field for “Name” should be prepopulated with your e-mail address (ie, Retain this entry. Verify the certificate details and click Next.
  2. The “Registration Completed” screen will appear and inform you that the “registration is pending the approval of the administrator to activate your user account.”
  3. Once the account is active, navigate to and enter the User ID and password for the account. The “My FDA submissions” screen will appear. The account is now active.


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