MMS VPN Remote Access

The new VPN upgrade process (Pulse Secure Setup) is also include in the slide desk.

1. VPN Access Overview

  • VPN = Virtual Private Network; Pulse Secure is the name of our VPN provider.
  • VPN provides a secured, encrypted connection for office applications over the internet.
  • VPN Access is for:

            –SharePoint Access

            –Citrix Access

            –Business Portal Access

            –Other Published Applications

2. VPN Setup – Non-MMS Computers

  • You will need to download one of the following Pulse Secure installation files by clicking on the appropriate link below. All PCs will also require 2 additional files.

Ensure that you have up-to-date anti-virus software installed; if not, you can download Avast for free.

For PCs Download Either:

Pulse Secure for 32 Bit Machines


Pulse Secure for 64 Bit Machines


Additional Files Required for all PCs

For Macs Download:

Pulse Secure for Mac

3. VPN Setup – MMS Computers

  • IT will help you to install Pulse Secure onto your machine.
  • Once installed, follow the rest of the instructions in this presentation. Please note, that some steps may not be needed if IT has already completed them for you during installation.

4. VPN Setup (optional)

1.From the Start Menu, choose All Programs

2.Open the Pulse Secure Folder & Right Click on Pulse Secure

3.Choose Pin to Taskbar from the menu

1. You will now see the Pulse Secure Icon in your bottom taskbar, click to open. Or open from the Start Menu if you did not pin.

2.  Click on the + to Add a Connection

3.  Complete the 3 fields as shown. The server URL is:

4.  Click Add

5. VPN Access Login Instructions

1.You will now see the MMS VPN Connection, click Connect

2.Choose the ‘MMSHOLDINGS’ Realm

3.Click Save Settings

4.Click Connect

  • Enter your User Name and Password and click Connect
  • For security purposes, do not click Save Settings on this screen.

Note: After long periods of inactivity or 12 hours of being logged in, Pulse Secure will ask you if you want to extend your session. If you click Yes, you will need to enter your password to continue, if the message is ignored or you click no, you will be automatically disconnected.

6. Checking your VPN Connection

  • You can check your VPN connection by clicking on this arrow in your bottom tool bar

  • If you hover over the Pulse Secure icon, it will tell you if you are Connected or Disconnected

  • If you click on the icon and choose MMS VPN, you will see the option to Disconnect or Extend Session. If you are Disconnected, you will see the option to Connect.

    This is just another method to Connect or Disconnect your VPN.

7. Accessing MDOC

Go to this website to view the MDOC homepage: http://mmsservervm6/default.aspx

8. Business Portal Access

  • Click on the Business Portal (BP) Link to access the BP page.
  • Refer to the Time Log Instructions link on the BP page for instructions on logging time.
  • TSPs, refer to the Business Portal Time Log Instructions from the training packet for additional information

9. Disconnecting From VPN

Once you are complete with your session, you can open the Pulse Secure window and click Disconnect to log off.


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