Office Upload Center Instructions

Resolving Issues with MDOC Documents Using Office Upload Center

When working with documents on MDOC, there may be times when you have trouble uploading a document to MDOC that you have checked out to edit and want to check back in. The upload may fail and the updated document will not appear in MDOC. In these situations, you can use the Office Upload Center to reset the document upload process.

Note: Before attempting to check-in and upload the updated document to MDOC, be sure to save the updated copy of the document to your desktop. This will prevent you from losing your work in case the upload does fail.

1.    Open the Office Upload Center.

2.    Locate the document that you are trying to upload. If it does not show up in Office Upload center, click Click to view Recently Uploaded Files and see if it is there.

3.    Right click on the file and select Discard.

4.    Try to upload the document again.



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