Go To Meeting (GTM) Muting and Unmuting Attendees

When using GTM100 or during a routine GTM, the organizer may need to mute or unmute an attendee. See the following instructions for managing the mute feature in GTM.

Mute/unmute attendees

Mute your attendees during the session as follows:

  • To mute or unmute a single attendee, click the Audio icon next to their name. Blue icons represent unmuted attendees, while orange icons represent attendees who have been muted by the organizer.
  • To mute or unmute all attendees, click the Mute All or Unmute All icons at the bottom of the Attendees pane.


  • To help self-muted attendees unmute themselves,, you can send an "unmute request". To do so, select the Arrow icon next to the attendee's name you wish to unmute and select Send unmute request. This attendee will then see a "Do you want to unmute?" message, allowing them to choose to unmute or stay muted.

Note: You can only send this request to attendees joined on the desktop app or via the Web App.


Note: If an organizer attempts to unmute attendees who have muted themselves, the attendees will be prompted to be automatically unmuted or to remain muted.

Mute and Unmute your Attendees Exceptions

You can mute the audio of your attendees at any time during the session, with the following exceptions:

  • If an attendee mutes themselves, you cannot unmute them. Instead, you can ask them to unmute themselves.
  • If an attendee has not entered their Audio PIN, they will be listed as an unidentified caller and you will be unable to mute them. You can ask them to enter their Audio PIN.
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