EMAIL - Instructions for adding email to your mobile device

Below are instructions for adding email to your mobile device (If you are not a new colleague and are adding this email in your mobile device that you changed recently, please make sure that the MMS email configured in your old mobile device (that you may discard, or hand to someone else or return to phone company, etc) is permanently erased before configuring the emails in your new mobile device)

On the iPhone click settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add Account -> Exchange

The following information will be needed

MMS Email address=

Server =

Domain =

Username = username 

Password = MMS Password

If it asks, turn on SSL

If you are using an Android, the same information will be needed, you will just need to start with the email setup on your phone.

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    Steven Angersbach

    Works great across platforms (Windows, iOS, Android, etc). Users will want to remember that they likely need to enter this through advanced settings or their system will not find the account.

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