Automatically Forward Email in Outlook 2016, 2010

  1. In Outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010, select “File” > “Rules and Alerts“. In Outlook 2007, select “Tools” > “Rules and Alerts“.
  2. From the “E-mail Rules” tab, choose “New Rule…“.
    Forwarding Email - New Rule
  3. Select under “Start from a template or from a blank rule” select “Check messages when they arrive“, and click “Next“.
    Forwarding Email - Blank Rule
  4. If you wish to only forward certain messages, you can select conditions for each message that gets forwarded. If you want all your messages to be forwarded, leave everything unchecked. You will get a message that says “This rule will be applied to every message you receive. Is this correct?” Select “Yes“.
    Forwarding Email - Conditions
  5. Check “forward it to people or distribution list“. This option might say “forward it to people or public group” on certain versions. In the lower pane, click the “people or distribution list” or “people or public group” link.
    Forwarding Email - Actions
  6. This will open the “Rule Address” window with the address book. Search for the email address(es) to which you would like to forward your mail. You can also just type the full email addresses in the “To” field. Select “OK” then “Next” when done.
    Forwarding Email - Email Address Selection
  7. The box to setup exceptions appears. Select any exceptions you would like to apply to this rule and select “Next“. Most users leave this blank.
    Forwarding Email - Exceptions
  8. Under “Specify a name for this rule“, give your rule a name. Check the box for “Turn on this rule” if you would like Outlook to start forwarding messages now. Check “Run this rule now on messages already in Inbox” (rarely used) if you would like Outlook to forward everything that is already in your Inbox Click “Finish” and you’re done.
    Forwarding Email - Name and Finish
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